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Business Owners

Over numerous years working with the owners and principals of small to medium-sized enterprises, we have learned that you possess some unique characteristics and also challenges:

  • Much like ourselves, your business is your baby.  It is often your heart and soul, a life’s ambition that defines and provides for you.

  • Not just blood, sweat and tears go into your business but often, every excess dollar is reinvested.

  • In other words, typically, your business becomes your largest and most important asset.  That means it often also becomes your retirement asset.

  • That in turn becomes a risky strategy with insufficient diversification beyond your business, should it ever run into trouble.

  • You are often time poor, too busy working in your business and not enough time to work on it.

  • That often means not enough time implement strategies to protect the business and to plan for your eventual exit from it.  Be that voluntarily via a buy/sale or retirement or be it forced by death or disability.

Building your own business can be rewarding in many ways, however, without smart financial strategies financial success will be harder to achieve.  We can provide solutions:

  • Protection of your business income stream – Key Person Protection

  • Protection of your personal income – Income Protection

  • Protection of your asset – Business Succession Planning

  • Planning your eventual exit from the business – tax effectively.

  • Diversification of your assets…reduction of Risk.

  • Correct structuring of your business and personal assets.

  • Using flexible, tax-effective and tailored wealth creation vehicles eg SMSF / Trusts

  • Co-ordination between your advisory team.

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