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How we work with You - Our Engagement

Our philosophy in working with clients incorporates a number of interlocking elements:



Naturally enough, we should understand each other. You should understand:

  • Our business model.

  • Who we are.  Who stands behind us.

  • How we approach you and our work with you

  • What advice & services we can and cannot provide.

  • The process that we follow to ensure best outcomes for you.

  • What we need from you.

  • How we charge.

  • What you can expect to receive

  • What you can expect to achieve.

  • What are our philosophy on a range of matters.

We will want to understand:

  • Who are you?

  • Why are you here?

  • What is important to you?

  • What are your needs, goals, objectives?

  • Where are you now?  Where would you like to be?

  • When would you like to achieve these?

  • How do you hope we can help?

Regardless of whether or not our advice or service to you is limited in nature or comprehensive, we absolutely take the time to get to know you.  To listen and more importantly, to understand.  Only then would we offer advice.


  • To collaborate is to work together, as a team, towards common goals.  Says it all.

  • Our clients typically have other professionals and/or service providers in their lives.  These include Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate agents, SMSF administrators/auditors, Bankers etc.

  • Everybody working together as team sees everybody win.

  • We previously pioneered this approach in our corporate lives and it has proven a popular approach with our clients.


Like the conductor of an orchestra coordinates the many different instruments to achieve the right sound, so we do our best work when we are able to coordinate those various professionals and service providers for you.  Thereby ensuring that:

  • Everybody works towards a common goal, being your goals.

  • Everybody is sharing information, particularly the information they need to do their job as best as they can.

  • You can concentrate on what it is you want to do.  Your work, your play, whatever.

  • Less time is wasted by everybody on searching for information.

  • Thereby, costs to you should be reduced.

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