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Over numerous years working with Senior Managers, Business Executives, Company Directors and so on, we have learned that you possess some unique characteristics and also challenges:

  • You tend to be focused upon your career and sometimes a slave to the big corporate.

  • You are thus often quite time poor in looking after your personal financial affairs.

  • You are usually earning a high income, but with limited tax deductions pay a lot of tax.

  • You may be eligible for employer shares, options and other executive benefits.

  • You may be not be able to personally trade employer shares/options except during specific periods.

  • You often carry a high amount of personal debt.

Building a successful career can be rewarding in many ways, however, without smart financial strategies financial success will be harder to achieve.  We can provide solutions:

  • Protection of your most important assets….you, your good health, your ability to keep earning income.

  • Looking after your family.

  • Utilising your pre-tax income to build wealth and tax-effectively.

  • Correct structuring of your lifestyle and investment assets.

  • Using flexible, tax-effective and tailored wealth creation vehicles eg SMSF / Trusts.

  • Manage your investment portfolios on a 'Mandate' basis.

  • Co-ordination between your advisory team.

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