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Working with successful sporting professionals over the years, we have learned that you possess some unique characteristics and also challenges:

  • Your career as a professional sportsperson (and the big money that may come with it), is likely to have a limited lifespan.

  • So you need to focus, train hard and make the most of it.

  • That may leave little time to properly plan and manage your finances. 

  • In addition, you may be earning income in multiple currencies,

  • You may be traveling frequently,  

  • In fact you may be residing overseas and

  • Your income may be experiencing peaks and throughs.

  • All of which, make the building of wealth and financial security for later, a much more challenging proposition.

A sporting career can be rewarding in many ways, however, without smart financial strategies from the right team behind you, that career may end, without you having much financial success to show for it.  We can provide solutions:

  • Utilising your pre-tax income to build wealth and tax-effectively.

  • Planning and managing your post-tax cash flow.

  • Correct structuring of your lifestyle and investment assets.

  • Using flexible, tax-effective and tailored wealth creation vehicles.

  • Management of investment portfolios using our Discretionary Mandate service. 

  • Co-ordination and communication between your advisory team.  Financial Advice, Australian and International Tax advice, Property services, Legal advice etc

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