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Overseas Clients

Looking after your money when you're away...

We have and continue to work with and look after clients who may travel overseas frequently  and/or who reside outside of Australia, either full-time or for part of each year.  That brings challenges such as:

  1. Being able to personally manage and act on investment assets/portfolios. 

  2. As an adviser being able to provide advice to clients located in overseas jurisdictions, even if they are Australian residents and even if away only short-term.  This advice includes that involved in managing and making changes to investment portfolios if and when required, including when corporate actions arise. 

  3. Similarly, advisers who operate under non-mandate models may not even be able to locate/contact the client who is overseas, to be able to have the client sign off on recommended portfolio actions. 

  4. SMSFs: In addition, trustees of SMSFs need to be conscious of the need for the 'control and management' of their fund to remain in Australia. This can be a significant issue, should one or more of the trustees decide to spend time overseas. 

We can offer a solution:

  1. By designing an investment strategy and portfolio that is relatively easy to manage,

  2. can be viewed by clients online, and

  3. importantly, can be reviewed, managed and maintained by an adviser under a 'Managed Discretionary Account' portfolio service. 

  4. SMSFS: In addition, specific strategies may be implemented to ensure the 'control and management' of your SMSF remains here in Australia, even if you decide to leave. It's a complex area but we can provide help.

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