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Medical Professionals

Over numerous years working with medical professionals, we have learned that you possess some unique characteristics and also challenges:

  • Having spent many years studying, you are likely to be older than the average person before being able to start building your wealth. 

  • This is not helped by the large HECS debts you may have accumulated.

  • However, once in your job, particularly those in private practice, your income is likely to rise quickly.

  • The bulk of your wealth is initially tied up in your future earnings capacity.

  • You are going to be a significant payer of income tax, unless appropriate strategies are implemented.

  • We are a litigious society and you will need to protect your assets.

  • You are fully aware of what can go wrong in human health. 

  • Building up Goodwill in your practice can be difficult, as it all rests with you, personally.  In addition, your practice is likely built upon personal referrals, which in turn depend upon your ability to continue to perform professionally. 

  • You are likely to work long hours and need to be well organised.

  • And you are also likely to work longer than most professionals, although with help, not due to financial necessity.

We can provide solutions:

  • Protection of your future income stream.

  • Leveraging your income whilst reducing your tax. 

  • Correct structuring of your business and personal assets.

  • Using flexible, tax-effective and tailored wealth vehicles eg SMSFs, Trusts

  • Co-ordination of your advisory team

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