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Over many years working with pre- and post-retirees, we have learned that you possess some unique characteristics and also challenges:

  • You have worked hard during your working life, have often sacrificed much and now want to relax and enjoy your live more.

  • At the same time, that can  mean not wanting to have to manage your finances nor worrying about your money.

  • You need to balance a range of needs and goals:

    • Longevity – not outliving your savings.

    • Inflation – ensuring that your savings keep up with the erosion of inflation.

    • Generating a sufficient level of income from your savings, both in the immediate and longer-term.

    • Setting an appropriate investment strategy for your assets to minimise unnecessary risk, diversify smartly and generate sufficient returns.

    • Potentially, wishing to 'transition' to retirement on a gradual basis.

  • Estate Plans – the next generations come into greater focus.   What should happen in the event of your death or incapacity becomes more relevant than ever.

Retirement should be an enjoyable and care-free time, however, without preparation and smart financial strategies,  this will be harder to achieve.  We can provide solutions:

  • Prior planning, prior planning and prior planning.  Don’t leave it until you get there.

  • Planning your needs and goals in retirement.

  • Planning your income needs, in the immediate and longer-term.

  • Formulating an investment strategy to achieve

    • Sufficient investment income

    • Growth above inflation

    • No unnecessary risk.

    • Smart diversification.

    • No unnecessary tax

  • Diversification of your assets….reduction of Risk.

  • Correct structuring of your retirement assets.

  • Maximising the use of tax-effective vehicles such as Superannuation. Selecting and structuring the most appropriate retirement income solutions.

  • Co-ordination between your advisory team.

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