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We know from years of experience, that in life woman often continue to face particular financial challenges :

  • An interrupted career due to family commitments

  • Unequal pay and/or career advancements

  • Therefore less time and financial resources with which to build wealth and even provide for eventual retirement.

  • In addition we continue to find that older generations of woman are often used to their male partner running their finances and making financial decisions. 

  • That in turn can put them at a disadvantage should they find themselves on their own and needing to manage their own financial affairs.

  • Particularly in the more complex areas of Superannuation, Social Security, Investments, Estate Planning etc.

  • And we find that typically, women spouses are usually well and truly underinsured ( or not at all! ) even though their role in the family is as important as any male spouse. 

How do we help?

  • First and foremost by listening and thereby understanding your own personal history, challenges and goals for the future.

  • Potentially, with education, guidance and the coordination of our team to provide a range of advice and services. 

  • By maintaining a particular focus upon woman who are likely to be in these situations.  Be they recently divorced or widowed or simply want a better grasp on their financial future.

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